Anaheim, California (January 31, 2012) – Extron Electronics has launched a new Web site that makes it easy for K-12 educators and administrators to find information on Extron classroom AV products and technologies. The site is available at and features videos, white papers, testimonials, case studies, and detailed descriptions of hardware and software for the classroom, as well as easy access to our grant applications and event schedules.

“We built this new Web site specifically to meet the needs of educational technology professionals,” says Anthony Cortes, Director of Sales and Marketing, K-12 Classroom Systems for Extron. “As we continue to develop, we will include even more informative resources and useful tools to help with technology planning and decision making.”

Extron Electronics is the leading manufacturer of classroom audio and video solutions for the K-12 market. Since 1983, Extron has pioneered computer video interfaces, setting standards for matrix switching, signal processing, and transmission, and simplifying the control, installation, and set-up of AV systems. These efforts have resulted in the development of classroom AV solutions that meet the unique performance and price point requirements of the education market. The three primary classroom AV solutions developed by Extron are its PoleVault®, WallVault®, and VoiceLift® Systems.

Extron’s aggressive Classroom Technology Grant Program is another example of our commitment to enhancing the K-12 learning environment. To date, we have granted more than $5.5 million worth of equipment to over 900 classrooms in U.S. school districts.

Visit the new site at for our latest product and classroom technology information.

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