5. If the project will continue beyond the grant period, discuss how you plan to sustain it. For example, will the new curriculum you plan to develop with grant funds become a part of the district’s or university’s standard curriculum? Will professional development that is offered during the grant period continue for new and/or existing staff?

6. Discuss the expertise of the staff who are going to be involved in the project. Do they have educational experience and/or hands-on experience directly related to the project area? Have they been published in education journals? Are they noted experts in the education field? (This information might be outlined in the Personnel section of your proposal, so you could refer readers to it there while offering some highlights in the Capacity section.)

The goal of your Capacity section should be to present a comprehensive overview of your capabilities. Your aim is to show funders that you can carry out the project as described—and that you’ll do everything within your power to be a successful grantee.

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