Six ed-tech resources for ELL/ESL instruction

“Without sounding self-serving, I do know that quite a few teachers (ESL/ELL) in K-12 are using PicLits to teach both Spanish/English and English/Spanish writing skills. There are two methods of writing: DRAG-N-DROP & FREESTYLE. The DRAG-N-DROP has drop-down arrows that allow for verb tenses and capitalization. D-N-D seems most effective for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.  FREESTYLE has a more open and creative feel, but both bring to the forefront the importance of writing. We hope to offer the site in Spanish by the end of 2012. We get dozens of PicLits per week that are written in Spanish.” —Terry Friedlander, founder,, Ketchum, Idaho

“At Odyssey Middle School and many other schools in Orange County Public Schools, ELL students have the opportunity to use the Rosetta Stone program. As this is an online-based program, students are able to access it both at school and at home. I have seen immense language proficiency in many of our students! Some have shown incredible growth on the FCAT (state test) after only one year learning English with the help of Rosetta Stone.” —Linda Torres, ELL compliance/reading teacher, Odyssey Middle School, Orange County Public Schools, Fla.

Meris Stansbury

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