How to engage parents online more effectively

By combining short videos, animation, parent-friendly text, social media, and interactive activities, the program builds parent confidence and shows them how to support learning at home and at school in meaningful and constructive ways.

Because parents can log in 24-7 from home, work, church or synagogue, the library, or while “on the go” using smart phones and other mobile devices, they can take advantage of the learning opportunities when it is most convenient for them.

The program’s flexibility allows parents to skip around the various units, exploring content that interests them and skipping over content that doesn’t meet their needs. Parents can work online with their children, in small group settings at schools or community locations, or by themselves. Parents also can get tips and suggestions from GreatSchools’ online experts, or tap into other parents nationwide for advice.

Similarly, HMH has teamed up with Miami-Dade County Schools and North Carolina’s Guilford County Schools to make its digital academic content and interactive learning games and tools accessible at home as well as at school.

Guilford County currently has more than 2,000 parents using the online system, which includes academic content from preschool through grade eight in reading, mathematics, and science. (To explore the system yourself, go to, click on the “Parents” tab, then go to “Guilford Parent Academy.”)

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Thanks to the online content, which is provided free to parents, families can research high-quality web sources through netTrekker, dissect a frog online through Science Builder, or check their understanding of algebraic concepts and equations.
Community tutors and mentors working with Guilford County students at public libraries, after-school clubs, and nonprofit organizations also can access the content, which reinforces the knowledge and skills students learn in class.

In addition, parents can access award-winning digital video content on a wide range of social-emotional issues, from parenting toddlers to understanding stress and depression in teens. Produced by Active Parenting and Connect with Kids, these digital programs are also broadcast on Guilford County’s cable television channel, GCTV-2.

With more than 50 research studies showing a link between parent engagement in learning and student success, such digital initiatives seek to remove common barriers, such as distrust of school officials, language differences, and lack of time.

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