Lawmakers in Arizona look to put controls on teachers’ speech

In a story in Sunday’s Arizona Republic, Alia Beard Rau described efforts by lawmakers to pass a law that would limit teachers’ words in their classrooms. The story was reprinted in  USA Today. A group of legislators is trying to pass a law that would make teachers abide by FCC rules regarding profanity, says Brad Boeker for Yahoo! News. Really? This is such a problem in Arizona schools that elected officials in Phoenix need to use their valuable time shutting down all of the potty-mouthed teachers? Are students from Yuma to Flagstaff running home every day and telling mom and dad that their teachers are telling them to shut the, er, heck up? The bill even spells out the penalties teachers would face if the law passes, which range from a one-week suspension for the first offense to firing the third time…

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