Report examines ‘school to home’ communications

Fifty-three percent of parents say that mobile devices in school could improve teacher-student-parent communication, and 64 percent of teachers agreed. More than half (52 percent) of high school students said they would use a smart phone to talk with a teacher if it was allowed at school.

“With 58 percent of parents and 44 percent of teachers having a smart phone or similar device, the opportunity to leverage these devices to improve school to home communications appears to be near a tipping point,” according to the report.

Do parents’ perceptions on the efficacy of school-to-home communications have any relationship with their attitudes regarding their child’s school?

“The results point directly to the critical need for good school-to-home communications,” according to the report.

Parents who rated their child’s school or district communication as ineffective were five times more likely to report that they did not feel connected to the school or district and that teachers do not work with parents regarding their child’s academics than parents who gave more positive ratings to their school’s communications.

One-third of parents who said they were displeased with school communications also said their child’s teacher quality is a major concern, while only 12 percent of parents who said they were pleased with their school’s communication reported the same concern.

Speak Up 2011 data should be available in the coming months.

Laura Ascione

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