Teensy micro-computer goes on sale for $35

Sneaking by just in time to make its delayed end of February launch window, the $35 computing wonder known as the Raspberry Pi is on sale at long last, Yahoo! News reports. The teensy machines went up for an eBay pre-sale auction for charity in January, and fetched as much as $3,000 for a single unit. Now curious members of the public with not-so-deep pockets can get in on the fun—if they can squeeze in an order on the overwhelmed sales sites that is. Due to overwhelming demand, the two sites retailing the micro-computers have both been overloaded, and many would-be Raspberry Pi owners have reported that orders aren’t going through. While a $25 version of the tiny device will go on sale later, the first Raspberry Pi round is the $35 “Model B.” What does that extra $10 net you on such a tiny, bare-bones computer?

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