In an era of ubiquitous social networking, adolescent cruelty is more enduring than ever, reports the Washington Post. Two boys are fighting in a Calvert County middle school. A crowd of students laugh and jeer until a teacher arrives to break it up. Later, discipline is meted out. But the fight is not nearly over. A video goes up on YouTube—32 seconds of personal humiliation for the boy who is taking most of the punches. He has often been bullied in middle school, according to his family, and now is shown being hit in the head and side and placed in a headlock. There is no apparent serious injury, and the clip is posted as “Weak People Fighting.” It is uploaded onto Facebook, tweeted, shared, and commented on. “I showed my dad, he bust out laughin,” one girl writes on Facebook. The fight in the Calvert school stairwell endured for 16 days on YouTube. It was viewed at least 425 times. It was “liked” on Facebook. It was finally removed from YouTube as the Washington Post made inquiries late last week. The episode left the 14-year-old student feeling too taunted to continue at school, his family said. For now, he is being home-schooled. “This took it to a whole new level,” Vicki King said. “This was for the world to see.”

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