Turnitin Partners with ProQuest to Add Dissertations to the World’s Largest Plagiarism-Checking Database

Leader in plagiarism checking to include dissertations from 2008 to the present

OAKLAND, Calif. – March 7, 2012 – Turnitin, the global leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention, today announced a partnership with ProQuest, an information company serving the global research community, to include more than 300,000 dissertations and theses from 2008 to the present in the Turnitin comparison database. The agreement enhances Turnitin’s repository of scholarly content while extending its massive plagiarism-checking database, which now tops 20 billion current and archived web pages, 200 million student papers and more than 110 million articles from scholarly journals.

“The partnership between Turnitin and ProQuest is a breakthrough for scholarly researchers,” said Chris Caren, president and CEO of Turnitin. “ProQuest dissertations, combined with the 110 million content items from leading scholarly publishers in the Turnitin Research database, provides scholarly researchers one authoritative destination for checking their work for originality before publication.”

“We see the agreement between ProQuest and Turnitin is a natural extension of our mission to connect people with information,” said Austin McLean, director of dissertations and scholarly communications at ProQuest. “By including ProQuest Dissertations within Turnitin, researchers will have enhanced capabilities for ensuring research integrity and avoiding the appearance of academic misconduct.”

ProQuest® Dissertations & Theses Database is the seminal repository of intellectual output and emerging research from the world’s great universities. Chosen by United States Library of Congress as the official archive of American dissertations, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database encompasses more than one quarter of a billion pages, creating a unique, continually growing trove of emerging research and landmark works. Researchers rely on ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database as a source of enlightening information and as a pivotal component in making their own scholarly production available to the world’s intellectual communities.

Graduate works from ProQuest will extend the breadth of the Turnitin database, the world’s largest comparison database of scholarly content, to provide customers with a single solution for originality checking before publication.

Turnitin customers can compare documents against ProQuest’s dissertations content as part of a new premium content offering called “Turnitin Research.” The offering consists of Turnitin bundled with iThenticate, the leading plagiarism checker for scholarly publishers, as well as the ProQuest content.

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