DimensionU announced that Connections Education, a provider of online curricula and virtual-school solutions, has extended its contract with the company. The contract provides all Connections Education students with DimensionU’s educational video games. The agreement gives access to standards-aligned math and literacy games for elementary through high school students enrolled in Connections Education’s Connections Academy virtual schools nationwide. In the 2011-12 school year, 22 Connections Academy virtual public schools are operating in 21 states, serving more than 40,000 students from across the U.S.

RevolutionK12 introduced Revolution Geometry, which features more than 25 topic areas and more than 100 concepts, all aligned with Common Core standards for teaching high school geometry. Each topic area includes a review of foundational skills and concepts, pre- and post-tests, mentoring sessions, and interactive and engaging off-line and online activities, the company said.

SAFARI Montage announced the release of three new, free-of-charge content packages filled with digital resources for grades K-12 from the libraries of three U.S. governmental agencies—the Library of Congress, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Park Service. These new packages bring an additional 1,000 still images, video titles, primary resource web links, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents to the SAFARI Montage video streaming system, the company says.

Turning Technologies has announced a strategic alliance with BrainPOP. BrainPOP’s animated content now will be able to operate seamlessly with Turning Technologies’ student response systems for immediate assessment of student learning, the companies say. BrainPOP subscribers who also have Turning Technologies’ student response devices will be able to present BrainPOP quizzes to their entire class and use ResponseCards to gather real time responses to the assessments from every student.

Vernier Software & Technology has developed new lab equipment and sensor technology for use in science classrooms. The Projectile Launcher and Polarizer/Analyzer Set help students investigate physics concepts, while the Constant Current System and Chemical Polarimeter aid students in chemistry experiments.

The Projectile Launcher ($289), which includes a launcher, six steel balls, hand pump, goggles, and accessories, helps students investigate concepts in two-dimensional kinematics, Vernier said. The Polarizer/Analyzer Set ($99) is an extension of Vernier’s Optics Expansion Kit, and it allows students to study light polarization by conducting experiments such as testing Malus’s law. The Constant Current System ($49) is a combination current sensor and power supply that eliminates the need for a separate power supply when performing electroplating and electrolysis experiments in chemistry. The Chemical Polarimeter ($499) measures the rotation of plane-polarized light caused by optically active substances such as organic, inorganic, or biological compounds.