Truancy ticketing in high schools: ‘We fought for fairness and won!’

One morning in December 2010 I was leaving for school and as soon as I took one step out the door, I realized I forgot the fundraising papers I needed to turn in that day for a college trip, says Maceo Bradley, 17, from Animo Locke HS #3 in L.A. I searched everywhere in the living room and my bedroom but I couldn’t find them. After 20 minutes I called my mom. She said she put them in a cabinet the night before. At this point I knew I would be about 20 minutes late to school. As someone who had been late four times (at most) in two-and-a-half years, I figured that I’d get a warning or at worst I’d get one day of detention. As soon as I stepped into the main office at school a Los Angeles Police Department officer asked if I was late and I said yeah. He told me to have a seat. I was nervous. We’re used to having Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies on campus because they’re the school security. But seeing four LAPD officers made me think something was wrong at school…

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