Royal iRover iS600 Interactive Teaching Center Integrates with SMART Boards to Help Teachers Infuse Technology at Point of Instruction

Arthur, Ontario (March 29, 2012) – As the role of technology in early childhood education expands, teachers and administrators are looking for effective tools for incorporating technology into the classroom. Copernicus Educational Products, North America’s leading manufacturer of teaching centers, announces the launch of the Royal® iRover iS600 Interactive Teaching Center. The classroom teaching aid combines the versatility of a teaching easel with the functionality of the Interactive SMART™ Board 640 and 660 to provide an all-in-one storage and display easel.

“Early childhood teachers are being asked to incorporate interactive lessons into their instruction, and it’s often a challenge to find technology right-sized for young learners,” said Jim Phillips, president of Copernicus Educational Products. “This new Interactive Teaching Center provides an easy way for teachers to create a technology-rich learning environment for their students.”

Building on the strengths of the Royal Interactive Teaching Easels, the iRover iS600 offers features specifically designed for early childhood classrooms. The angled position of the SMART Board helps young students improve their writing and fine motor skills. Plus, the compact size and mobility of the iRover iS600 enables both whole-class and small-group learning. Finally, an integrated projector arm reduces shadowing, and nearly eliminates constant projector calibration.

“The Interactive Teaching Center encourages group learning and interaction between students, teachers and technology,” said Phillips. “We listened closely to input from our Educator Advisory Committee to ensure the iRover iS600 meets the needs of early childhood educators to help transform traditional teaching into interactive teaching.”

In addition to the innovative features mentioned above, the Interactive Teaching Center offers storage tubs for manipulatives and resources, a big book rack, space for laptop or computer, chart hooks, and telescoping rods for hanging pockets charts.

Copernicus Educational Products specializes in classroom teaching aids designed for educators in grades PreK-3. The company has built a strong reputation for high-quality early childhood furniture through product innovation and classroom research practices. The iRover iS600 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is backed by the company’s five-year, no hassle warranty.

For more information about the iRover iS600, visit A video overview of the Interactive Teaching Center is also available here.

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Copernicus Educational Products Inc. is North America’s leading manufacturer of classroom teaching aides for educators in grades PreK-3. For more than two decades, the company has built a strong reputation for high-quality early childhood learning furniture through product innovation and classroom research practices. Product offerings include classroom furniture, storage solutions, mobile carts and classroom easels. For more information, visit

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