News Highlights:
• Texas High School’s Ross Perot STEM Academy is bursting at the seams with 375 students.
• Texas Middle School currently has 250 STEM-track eighth graders, calling for a possible doubling of ninth-grade STEM teachers for next year.
• The Texas High School T-BOTS club has more than doubled its membership of two years ago, and the Texas Middle School robotics club
boasts 120 students.

News Release: March 28, 2012 – Strong community support, partnerships with local businesses, and community-hosted US Congressional Hearings on STEM and technology education help Texarkana, Texas ISD stay at the forefront of the STEM initiative. Add Pitsco Education curriculum – robotics, Modules for middle schools, and Suites for high schools – to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for a program that has school officials at all levels scrambling to accommodate the growing number of students interested in engineering and STEM careers.

“Now STEM is getting to that point where students say, ‘That’s what I want to do,’” said Texas High School Principal Brad Bailey. “Students see the excitement. It is a step above, and it’s going to be on the same playing field as the extracurriculars the kids want to be a part of. It’s exciting.”

“We went to our community five years ago and said, ‘What would not only be good for the district but for the community?’” said Texarkana ISD Superintendent Paul Norton. “They wanted an engineering program which taught not only the teamwork concept, but also the importance of communication. Honestly, that’s what brought us to this [Pitsco Suites Engineering course]. . . . The Pitsco equipment is what makes the dream of what our community told us they needed to happen a reality.”

Tweet: Pitsco curriculum an integral part of Texarkana’s STEM initiative.

Pitsco Curriculum:
• Modules
• Suites
• Engineering Academy

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