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Cerebellum Corp. Receives Its 28th Telly Award for Excellence in Educational Programming

‘Guidance Systems’ DVD series recognized for its outstanding standard in excellence

San Francisco, CA—March 29, 2012—Cerebellum Corporation, the producer and distributor of the award-winning Standard Deviants videos, was recently honored with a 2012 Silver Telly Award for its Guidance Systems DVD series. The Silver Telly Award is the highest honor by the awards program. This is the 28th Telly Award that Cerebellum has received for its educational videos.

The Guidance Systems series addresses sensitive topics that students face, such as bullying and harassment, sex education, substance abuse and Internet-cell phone safety. Extensive research influenced the issues covered on each DVD. Cerebellum Corp. worked with educators in the field to present real-life vignettes of students addressing the topics and the emotions, consequences and solutions involved with each issue. These DVDs help educators broach extremely sensitive topics in a thoughtful, yet comprehensive, way. Each Guidance Systems program includes the selected DVD along with an extensive workbook to facilitate classroom discussion and can serve as a supplement to any guidance curriculum.

“The Guidance Systems DVD series provides educators with a valuable resource to use with students when teaching about these very important topics,” said Cerebellum President, James Rena. “We are honored to be recognized for our high-quality educational content by this very prestigious industry award.”

The Telly Awards honor the finest video and film productions from around the world. With more than 13,000 total entries submitted this year, the Telly Awards is a highly sought-after recognition and a resounding achievement for Cerebellum.

Pricing and Availability
The winning series, Guidance Systems: Character Education Series, contains Your Body, Your Health and Drugs; Sexual Abuse: It’s Not Your Fault; Bullying: There’s Always A Way Out; Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble; and, Sex Facts: Teens and STDs. These five titles may be purchased individually ($79.95 SRP) or in sets, including the Elementary Series ($143.95; includes Your Body and Sexual Abuse), the High School Series ($285.95; includes Bullying, Sexting and Sex Facts) and the 5-Program Series ($359.95).

Additional 2012 Guidance Systems elementary and high school titles ($79.95 SRP) include Say No with Pride; Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts; Drugs & Alcohol and Your Choice; Gay, Straight & Accepted; and, There’s Always Help: Suicide Prevention. Each title is available individually or in age-appropriate sets.

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About Cerebellum
Cerebellum distributes and produces topic-based educational videos for students of all grade levels. Since 1992, Cerebellum has been a leader in the educational market, producing hundreds of hours of educational media. In 17 years, Cerebellum has received recognition for its high-quality content: garnered 28 Telly Awards, the prestigious Parents Choice ‘Recommended’ Award, and the respect and recommendation of thousands of teachers, professors, and education professionals.
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