Skype in the classroom: Should teachers use video-chatting as an educational tool?

Many students don’t like sitting in class for hours on end — lectures can be boring and hard to focus on, The Mash reports. Students thrive in many different ways and one of those ways may be in an environment they’re comfortable in. So what if classrooms allowed students to Skype into class rather than actually learn in a classroom with an instructor present? Some schools already do. Video-chatting allows students to be in a different learning environment, which can benefit them in so many ways. They’d have several different resources at the drop of a hat. Let’s say, for example, a teacher is explaining a theory using context the student may not be familiar with. The student could pull it up on their computer without interrupting the class, use whatever books or other resources they may have in their classroom, or even easily go down the hall and ask a friend explain it to them…

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