Opinion: Teachers are educators, not entertainers

According to HealthDay, a questionnaire distributed to students at the University of Pittsburgh reveals students who texted less during college classes earned better grades and reported learning more than students who texted more often. While this is not exactly groundbreaking news, research author Fang-Yi Flora Wei made a controversial statement when she said it should be the burden of the instructors and not the students to combat student inattention related to texting, says Calvin Wolf for Yahoo! News. Basically, teachers and professors should focus on “interactive teaching methods or other strategies” to keep students’ attention instead of attempting to ban texting. While the research is specific to college students, it is likely only a matter of time until Wei’s accommodation of texting is extended to high school classrooms as well. It is upsetting researchers have taken a stand against respecting teachers as educators by insisting that they become more entertaining to combat student inattention. This is not exactly new…

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