Teens still texting while driving, survey says

“I’ve been in a couple of accidents where the driver was texting while driving,” she says.

Jaylea Salk, 18, a senior at Eureka, says that among her peers who still text and drive, “a lot of it probably is the social media aspect with Facebook and Twitter. People want that connection, and they want to be able to talk with their friends. They don’t think, ‘If I just wait 10 minutes, I can do it safely.’ They want that instant gratification with everything.”

The survey emphasizes the vital role of parents in fighting teen texting and driving. Among the teens who text, 67 percent talk often with their parents about driving; that rises to 82 percent among teens who never text while driving.

“What it tells me is that parents do have an extreme influence and a role to play in teaching their teens how to drive,” Mullen says.

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