Watch: 7 smart toys for today’s connected kids

The price of admission to this year’s hottest toys list is a touch of tech, Tecca reports. Not that old double-A battery and an on-switch kind — today’s toys come equipped with capacitive screens, augmented reality, and the assumption that you already have an iPad, an iPod touch, or an iPhone in the family. You know what that means? There’s a good chance our youngsters are (or will soon be) more tech-savvy than we are. The good news? Many of these toys will do more than just suck those little brains in and get them glued to yet another screen. Choose right, and their favorite new tech toy could help teach them about math, science, physics, digital photography, computer programming, or even motivate them to go outside and learn more about good ol’ Mother Nature. Here are some of the best teaching toys that I’ve seen and tested so far this year…

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