Teachers texting students: Should schools ban or encourage?

This year has already seen a slew of controversial incidents involving teachers texting students. Earlier this month, Pennsylvania teacher Timothy Moll was accused of texting one of his students and offering good grades for naked pictures, the Huffington Post reports. In March, authorities discovered that Michael Zack had allegedly sent four of his students a total of 4,000 texts, including some with inappropriate pictures of him. Then there was James Hooker of California who left his wife and kids for a student; those two exchanged 8,000 texts. Meanwhile, school districts and lawmakers around the country have been developing or revising policies on electronic communication and social media interaction between teachers and students. And with no shortage of scandals, many are erring on the side of caution by crafting stricter regulations. But some educators say such limitations can be detrimental to the young people they’re trying to protect and could prevent teachers from taking advantage of one of the most valuable tools they have to interact with students: the text message…

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