Public schools start tracking alumni in college

From the federal government to school boards, policymakers and administrators are increasingly setting their sights on “college and career readiness” as the goal of K-12 education, the Huffington Post reports. Now, school districts are grappling with methods that turn this seemingly abstract bar into something tangible. On Tuesday, Harvard University’s Strategic Data Project will release “Strategic Performance Indicators” that aim to help administrators track their graduates and use that information to drive instruction and advising in present-day classrooms. SDP, a five-year project funded by $23 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, worked with five school districts — Boston, Charlotte-Mecklenberg, Fort Worth and Georgia’s Gwinnett and Fulton Counties — to gather student-level data that fuels these indicators, which the group says are akin to “the price-to-earnings ratio that show the financial health of a firm.”

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