NY principals: A ‘wrecking ball’ of reform aimed at schools

This is an open letter that a group of New York principals sent this week to the New York State Board of Regents about school reform and the standardized testing regime, the Washington Post reports. More than 1,400 New York State principals have signed a petition asking state education officials to rethink their reform agenda. You can read about that effort at www.newyorkprincipals.org and @nyprincipals on Twitter.

An Open Letter of Concern Regarding High-Stakes Testing and the School Reform Agenda of New York State:

The past week has been a nightmare for New York students in Grades 3 through 8, their teachers and their principals. Not only were the New York State ELA [English Language Arts] exams too long and exhausting for young students, (three exams of 90 minutes each), they contained ambiguous questions that cannot be answered with assurance, problems with test booklet instructions, inadequate space for students to write essays, and reading comprehension passages that defy commonsense…

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