This is a federal website for parents, educators, other caring adults, and kids themselves, created by the U.S. Department of Education. Here, you can find information about how to identify, prevent, respond to, and report bullying.

School Safety Advocacy Council

The School Safety Advocacy Council, based in Lawrence, Mass., is made up of some of the leading experts in the field of school and child safety. Its staff and nationally certified instructors have trained more than 100,000 police, college, and school officials from the United States and abroad. On the group’s website, you can get the results of the 2012 National Bullying Survey and information about its next national school safety conference.

Cyberbullying Research Center

Directed by Sameer Hinduja of Florida Atlantic University and Justin Patchin of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, the Cyber Bullying Research Center is an information clearinghouse for all aspects of cyber bullying among adolescents.

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