Good teachers know how to wrap a lesson around almost anything (when they are allowed to), says Valerie Strauss, columnist for the Washington Post. Take the Kentucky Derby, which is running for the 138th time this Saturday. The event offers lessons, among other things, in history, science, statistics, math, culture, economics, health and even fashion. In fact, the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville has an Education Department that helps teachers and students use the famous event to learn about more than a horse race. (Anyone can call the museum at 502-637-1111 for help.) For example, according to the museum website:

* The Derby is the oldest continuous sporting event in the United States, and for most of American history, thoroughbred racing was the country’s most popular sport. Held on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, it has been held every year since it was begun on May 17, 1875…

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