My colleague Jason Horowitz wrote in this Washington Post story about how Mitt Romney, when he was a senior at an elite private high school in Michigan, led a group of boys who “tackled” a boy who was presumed to be gay and had bleached-blond hair, held him down and chopped his hair off with a scissors even as the boy pleaded for help, Valerie Strauss for the Washington Post reports. A spokesman for Romney told Horowitz that the presumptive Republican presidential candidate didn’t remember the incident which was the most serious of many “pranks” Romney was reported to have engaged in as a student.  Yes, Romney said he didn’t remember behavior that today would clearly be defined as bullying and would land the perpetrators in serious trouble. (I’ll leave it to you to decide whether it is worse that he doesn’t remember or simply said he didn’t.) Some of his friends who were involved in the episode remembered it well enough to talk to Horowitz in some detail. In any case, today, as the story of this incident spread, Romney talked briefly about it during an interview with Fox News Talk Radio…

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