Study: Common Core could boost U.S. math performance

“We’re at a pivotal moment in education reform in this country, and the Common Core Standards are playing a critical role in that,” said Mike Cohen, president of Achieve. Achieve worked closely with the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association in developing the Common Core standards and is working with roughly half of the states—46 in all, plus Washington, D.C.—that have adopted the standards.

As the Common Core standards gain momentum, Cohen noted that criticism has developed questioning if the standards are as rigorous as they need to be, if they are internationally benchmarked, and if they will really matter in the long run—questions that Schmidt’s recent research aims to address.

“The Common Core is an improvement, in many ways, over where a lot of current state standards are, especially in the math area,” said John Bailey of the Foundation for Excellence and Chiefs for Change. “The challenge in moving forward is implementing the Common Core State Standards in an intentional and thoughtful way.”

Stakeholders need to trust the Common Core to empower teachers to select the tools and resources that their students most need, he added.

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Laura Ascione

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