Here’s a classic case of she-had-it-coming: Michele Lee Eaton, 39, got shocked by Taser twice at her son’s Guntown, Miss, middle school, says Reuters. The oxymoron is that mom had gone in to complain that her son was disciplined (it wasn’t corporal, the principal says). Unhappy with the result of her convo with the principal, mom got mad, loud and foul-mouthed. The police officer assigned to the school told her to simmer down or he’d Taser her, says Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben for Yahoo! News. She didn’t and he did. Eaton has only herself to blame. Note this irony — the police officer was on-site. A middle school needs police protection? That school must have some serious behavior issues to warrant that. Makes me wonder just what Eaton’s kid did to get disciplined in the first place…

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