Educators who use technology on their own are more likely to support ed tech

These teachers more highly value digital media creation tools, online textbooks, and tablet computers as learning tools than their peers in general, says the report.

The same goes for librarians who are digital content producers. They are more likely to recommend:

  • Animations (36 percent);
  • Podcasts and videos (72 percent);
  • Online databases (71 percent); and
  • Real-time data (61 percent).

These librarians also are more discerning and more in tune with the needs of the teachers and students they serve when asked about evaluating the quality of digital content for instructional use, the report reveals.

“Today’s library media specialists are not just supporting their teachers’ use of technology,” states the report, “but they are also increasing the teachers’ capacity for using these tools, especially in terms of digital media and content.”

It continues: “We now realize that we already share a common set of beliefs. No one wants the ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning, not for themselves or their students. At the same time, everyone from the third grade student to the third grade teachers to the curriculum specialist for elementary education has experienced the power of technology to personalize an interaction or learning opportunity. And most importantly, we found that experience to be engaging and empowering.”

The report, “Personalizing the Classroom Experience—Teachers, Librarians and Administrators Connect the Dots with Digital Learning,” is available here.

Meris Stansbury

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