A career math teacher, Charlene Hebert entered a nationwide drawing to win a $40K wireless computer lab. She had tried before and failed, but this time was different. Hebert and teachers across Virginia have been feeling the pinch as administrators cut from meager operating allowances to stay solvent in the face of state-level budget decisions handed down by the General Assembly. For Hebert, it was not a question of doing more with less. She wanted to bring joy to her ninth-grade geometry class. Hebert logged on to re-enter the 10th annual CDW-G/Discovery Education Win a Wireless Lab sweepstakes nearly every day for three months. When she received an email during a department head meeting last week asking her to call a contest representative, she assumed the worst.
“I was just thinking, ‘OK, they’re probably calling to let me know I didn’t win, maybe try to sell me something,'” she said. “When she told me I’d been picked I just said, ‘Are you serious?'”
She says she is still pinching herself.

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