‘Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals’ offers strategies for mental health professionals

BALTIMORE, MD – June 13, 2012 – To coincide with Lesbian and Gay Pride Month, Brookes Publishing Co. has just released a new evidence-based guidebook, Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals. Written for mental health professionals and others working in schools and youth-serving programs, this book is a blueprint for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) youth, many of whom still experience bullying, harassment, family rejection, and social stigmatization.

Edited by leading mental health practitioners and researchers Sylvia Fisher, Ph.D.; Jeffrey M. Poirier, M.A., PMP; and Gary M. Blau, Ph.D.; this book equips professionals with the latest research findings and best-practice recommendations to help them support LGBT youth and their families. Readers will discover the key principles of providing culturally and linguistically responsive services, mitigating risk factors, developing interventions that foster resilience, and reducing the incidence of suicide and self-harming behavior. They’ll also learn strategies for skillfully supporting LGBT youth in specific environments, including schools and out-of-home care settings.

Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals has garnered early praise from the LGBT community. Melanie Funchess, Director of Community Engagement at the Better Days Ahead Family Support Network in Rochester, New York, calls the book “an amazing work” that “clearly addresses both the heart and the head of a very salient issue for professionals and families alike.” Robin McHaelen, Executive Director of True Colors, Inc., hails it as “a must read for anyone interested in effectively meeting the needs of LGBT youth.”
For more information on Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals, visit www.brookespublishing.com.

About the Editors

Sylvia K. Fisher, Ph.D., is the Director of the Office of Research and Evaluation in the Office of Planning, Analysis and Evaluation at the Health Resources and Services Administration. Jeffrey M. Poirier, M.A., PMP, is a Senior Researcher at the American Institutes for Research (AIR). Gary M. Blau, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Chief of the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

About Brookes Publishing

For more than 30 years, Brookes Publishing has been a leading provider of highly respected professional resources on mental health, disabilities, autism, inclusion, and education. Their well-known authors include Hewitt B. “Rusty” Clark, Ph.D., Deanne K. Unruh, Ph.D, Gary M. Blau, Ph.D., Phyllis R. Magrab, Ph.D., and Beth A. Stroul, M.Ed. Brookes Publishing is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information, please visit www.brookespublishing.com.


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