e Skills Learning Minimod Drawing Conclusions helps students practice and master the important reading skill of drawing conclusions. Students read a short passage and combine bits of information to infer and answer a question about the text. The app has been carefully aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Ways to Play
Practice Level The student will read a passage. The question screen directs the student to select the sentence that is the correct conclusion to be drawn from the text. The student will choose the correct conclusion. An incorrect response allows the student to read the passage again and select another answer.

Single Player The student plays a bingo-like game against the computer. The student reads a passage. The student will choose the correct answer by drawing the correct conclusion. Choosing the correct answer allows the student to place a marker on the game cards. Five markers in a row win the game.

Multi Player The student plays a bingo-like game against another student. The first student to fill his/her game card with five markers in a row wins the game.

Levels of Difficulty

Red Level 2.0 to 3.5 140L to 700L

Blue Level 3.5 to 5.0 700L to 910L

Green Level 5.0 to 6.5 910L to 1000L

(Text complexity in the Common Core State Standards) is measured in lexile levels rather than grade levels. There is a wide range of readers and reading levels in any classroom. The lower lexile levels (above) mark the 25th percentile range of readers and the higher number levels mark the 75th percentile of readers at any grade level)

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