K-12 textbook resell business’ new service gives schools a greater return on their used books.

Springfield, MO June 15, 2012
In an era of budget cuts and economic turmoil, everyone is looking for a great deal. Thanks to K12Marketplace’s new textbook auction service, schools are seeing greater return on the sale of their used textbooks.

With their most recent auction, the Sergeant Bluff-Luton School District in Iowa not only met their reserve, they surpassed it. Their most recent auction generated over $27,000, far exceeding their expectations.

The auction service is designed to be efficient and “painless”. The site is designed to be able to work with the bid process schools already use, cutting down the time and effort schools need to sell surplus books. Schools simply register at k12marketplaceauction.com, submit a product list and the K12Marketplace team assists with the rest. “We try and make it as easy and customizable as possible for our vendors,” said Marketplace Specialist Lenny Alexander. “Their auction, their rules.”

The auction environment on the website also helps create a competitive atmosphere that leads to higher bids for schools. Bidders, who would normally be spread throughout the country, have joined together on the K12Marketplace site. This gives schools more exposure and raises the interest in their books.

And educators are taking notice.

“The entire process was very simple and the support in listing the books was awesome,” said Sergeant Bluff’s Curriculum Director Brad McCauley. “All I had to do was to send them a list of the books we wanted sold, the quantity of each title, and the reserve price. They did all the rest. We got a fair price for the books without having to spend a lot of time and energy. I would recommend their services to any school.”

Although the auction service is new, K12Marketplace CEO Sheila Williams has been in the textbook business for over twenty years and she is always looking for ways to help schools stretch their dollars.

“With budgets as they are, it’s important for districts and individual schools to get the most for their used textbooks. With this new service, schools are seeing an even greater return and we can often reduce the amount of work on the school’s part,” she said.

Those interested are encouraged to visit k12marketplace.com and click on “Sell Surplus Textbooks” to get started.

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