CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. — TargetX, a leading provider of technology and consulting services to higher education, is hosting its fifth annual users conference July 9 and 10 in Las Vegas. Known as the “Xpert Summit,” the conference has developed a reputation for sharing tips, trends and best practices in building relationships with prospective students and other key constituencies.

As a result, says Marketing VP Adrienne Hamson, TargetX will open its sessions to non-clients so they too can benefit from a program focused on succeeding in an increasingly challenging environment for higher education.

“Our users conference is unique because it includes a ton of practical information that goes beyond TargetX products or services,” she said. “We spend as much time talking about industry trends and best practices as we do about TargetX.”

The conference will bring together admissions professionals, marketing officers and information technology staffs from colleges around the country to learn how to make better use of the company’s tools and services and to share their successes and challenges with colleagues.

“Much of the content is ‘best practice’ in nature,” said Hamson, who has organized the conference since it was first held in Philadelphia in 2008. “And we’ve asked our clients to take a much bigger role this year in presenting what they’re doing with technology, the campus visit and other tools necessary to be successful these days.”

Some of the sessions include:

– Web Analytics & Email Intelligence: Smarter Marketing Saves Money
– Transforming Campus Culture to Support the Campus Visit Experience
– Managing the Millennials: Getting the Most Out of Your Staff
– “Grad is the New Undergrad” and Other Trending Topics
– Success Stories: How We Started Small and Stayed Focused

In addition, Coker College President Robert Wyatt will present a general session, “Overthrowing Dead Culture: The Perspective of a President.” And Jeff Kallay, TargetX’s VP of Consulting and one of higher education’s top thought leaders, will deliver his inaugural “State of the Industry” address.

Kallay will also team up with colleague Trent Gilbert to lead the fifth annual eXperience eXcursion following the official close of the program. This year, they have arranged a bus trip to rarely seen parts of Las Vegas to help participants do a better job of showing accepted students what life is really like on their campus.

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About TargetX

TargetX is a unique higher education company that offers both technology tools and consulting services designed to help colleges recruit today’s more sophisticated, web-savvy students. Founded in 1998 on the belief that colleges need to change the way they communicate with prospects and their families, TargetX has been a leader in managing change in higher education and embracing the concept of the experience in higher ed marketing.

More recently, TargetX launched an Education & Training Center (ETC) where admissions professionals can collaborate and brainstorm with colleagues and thought leaders through coursework and office retreats.

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