Coop Phonics – 3D Co-Op educational gaming for Iphone and Ipad
Los Angeles, California – June 18th, 2011
Coop Play Games has released their first Co-Op educational title in full 3D using the Unreal Engine. This game is like nothing else on the App Store! Parents play WITH their kids and teach them how to read.

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“The best part of the game was playing with my mom and learning to read.” 4 year old

“The game taught me how to teach my son.” Mom

At Coop Play Games we believe games are the future of education. We also know you are your child’s greatest teacher. Coop Phonics is unlike all other educational games. Coop enables you to be the teacher. You teach your child to read in the coolest way possible. Both you, and your child, will be the heroes in the game. Help your child rescue all of the animals from the clutches of the bad Red Witch. To save the animals you must teach the animals, and your child, how to read the animals’ names.

Coop Phonics creates an environment that makes your child want to learn to read. The game takes you step by step through phonics principals and teaches you how to teach your child.

Brought to life with the state of the art Unreal 3D engine, Coop Phonics is a gaming experience like no other. The game’s focus is to get you and your child to talk, learn, and share with each other. You have never had a gaming experience like this.

Coop Phonics is also designed for children with special needs. Coop allows the parents, teachers, and children to move at their own pace. Coop also allows children to learn, in their own unique ways, from the people they love the most.

Coop Phonics – Game Together – Out today for Iphone and Ipad.

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