ST. LOUIS, MO – June 18, 2012 – SchoolReach Instant Parent Contact, one of the leading parent notification services used among public and private schools in the United States, announced today that it has been named the exclusive national sales agent for Field Trip Safeguard®. As part of this affiliation, SchoolReach will develop local, regional and national marketing initiatives though its extensive distribution channels to help promote the Field Trip Safeguard program to public and private K-12 institutions throughout the U.S.

Launched in 2010, Field Trip Safeguard is a secure, automated field trip safety system that protects student and teacher identities while away from school. Child-safe lanyards or wrist band system replaces unsafe and outdated name badges and matching shirt methods, instead providing a single toll-free telephone number and unique group ID that automatically connects a caller to on-site field trip leaders to immediately notify them of a separated student. The system also alerts school administrators of the separation incident.

“Field trip safety precautions have lagged behind in-school safety measures for many years,” said Bob Bira, president of Field Trip Safeguard. “Schools have implemented extensive on-sight safety measures such as video cameras and remote entry locking systems, and have developed extensive crisis communications plans. However, as soon as a student steps on the bus for the field trip they are vulnerable.”

The Field Trip Safeguard solves this student safety problem by providing students on field trips with wearable badges or wristbands that provides contact information without divulging the student’s name, school, teacher cell numbers or other personal information.

“Personal information can be used by a predator to lure a child away from a field trip group,” added Bira. “The Field Trip Safeguard prevents personal information from being used against a child and it speeds up the process of reconnecting the separated student with on-site leaders quickly.”
SchoolReach and Field Trip Safeguard collaborated on the launch of the Field Trip Safety Kit now offered by the Missouri Center for Education Safety, which provides the kits, free of charge, to field trip groups visiting the state capital in Jefferson City.

“As we became involved with the Field Trip Safeguard program we realized that it was a natural fit with our other school notification solutions,” said Paul Langhorst, SchoolReach chief marketing officer. “Like our new CyberBully Hotline program, the Field Trip Safeguard solves a difficult notification challenge, with a simple, low-cost solution.”

For more information on the Field Trip Safeguard, please visit or call 1-800-420-1479.

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