Professional Development company, School Improvement Network, has released a new series of instructional videos that will show teachers how to reduce discipline problems in the classroom and improve student achievement through the use of a very simple teaching technique called “practical student-centered learning.”

Practical student-centered learning is Kansas City’s standards-based approach to education. Viewers will watch students and teachers speak about their project-based learning experiences as teachers testify to the lowering of disciplinary referrals because of the new initiative.

With “practical student-centered learning,” visions are established at the beginning of the school year through collaboration between students and their teacher. This shared vision ensures that students take responsibility for their learning and self-mastery of standards through evidence. The teachers act as facilitators by consistently conferencing with their students and guiding their critical thinking.

To learn how to implement practical student-centered learning, and to reduce discipline issues in your classroom or school, sign up for a free 30-day trial of PD 360.

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