A new report on Title IX, the landmark civil rights law passed 40 years ago that barred gender discrimination in education for all students, says that a great deal of progress in improving educational opportunities for girls has been made, but more work needs to be done, The Washington Post reports.

Title IX is probably best known as a law that has affected female participation in athletics, but it actually covers all aspects of education from kindergarten to the postgraduate level.

The report, titled “Title IX at 40: Working to Ensure Gender Equity in Education,” says that women’s advancement in some areas, including computer science and engineering, has stagnated or declined in recent years. It cites other areas where work is needed to improve educational opportunities for both sexes.

It was released by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education, a coalition of more than 40 national organizations chaired by the American Association of University Women.

Critics of Title IX often say that it has harmed male athletics in its insistence on increasing opportunities for females in school sports. Here, from the report (with footnotes removed), are some myths about how the law has affected school athletics:

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