EDmin, Inc. announced today the launch of its Student Success Dashboard, which provides a singular view of student progress for every stakeholder in a K-12 school district. Visual navigation provides a dynamic, role-based view of the progress of a district, a building, a class or an individual student.

The Student Success Dashboard is fully integrated with EDmin’s INFORM® Learning System, which unites educator expertise, district data and strategies for school improvement in one complete platform. Educators can evaluate success with the dashboard, provide standards-aligned content for success and measure success in one integrated solution.

“The Student Success Dashboard is an engaging way to view student data,” explains EDmin CEO Peter Sibley. “Educators know at a glance exactly what students need to succeed, so they can make the strategic decisions needed to advance student achievement. However the Student Success Dashboard doesn’t just show them what’s needed–it takes them directly to the appropriate resources aligned to state and Common Core Standards. They can also go directly to an assessment engine that makes it easy to administer formative assessments using standards-aligned items.”

Educators will also benefit from a private online community that provides a supportive environment for collaboration. “The community gives educators a private place to connect with colleagues in their own district, and access to a wider public community–the best of both worlds,” Sibley added.

Integrating these capabilities is important to student success, Sibley added, but it’s equally important that the system be easy to use. “The visual navigation of the dashboard gives educators the ability to take action based on data with very little effort,” he said. “They have all the strategies and resources at hand to ensure that students are ready for the next step in their education. They will find that this platform is as dedicated as they are.”

As part of EDmin’s commitment to student success, the INFORM® Learning System is an open platform. “It can link data from any source and enhance a district’s existing applications,” Sibley said. “Now districts can align every classroom to their unique plan for student success.”

Visitors to the ISTE 2012 Conference and Exposition in San Diego June 25-27 can see a demo of the new Student Success Dashboard by visiting the EDmin team in Booth 5429 or by attending a 15-minute presentation. For details, please visit http://www.edmin.com.

About EDmin

EDmin, Inc. offers an enterprise-level platform to support student achievement in a global society. The company has provided instructional and data management systems for more than 15 years and now serves nearly 4 million users in all 50 states and the international market.

Using the company’s flagship product, the INFORM® Learning System, educational leaders can align an entire organization to their unique plan for student success. Because the system is built on an open platform, it links data from any source and provides educators with reports on the progress of every student in a timely manner. The system’s data analytics make it highly effective in developing the organization’s continued plans for student achievement.

EDmin is committed to supporting innovation through an affordable, complete system that educators can trust. EDmin also offers solutions that manage special education, track professional development and analyze costs.

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