Higher Education Institution Selects Turning Technologies
as Campus-Wide Clicker Provider

Youngstown, OH – June 26, 2012 – Turning Technologies, the global leader in the student response industry, adds North Dakota State University to its list of institutions to standardize support around the company’s student response solutions. After a semester-long pilot, North Dakota State University has selected ResponseCard® NXT as the centrally supported clicker device.

North Dakota State University is a four-year public institution that enrolls roughly 14,400 students. In order to provide campus-wide autonomy, the institution has standardized on a reliable and flexible technology that can be supported and represented universally. Clickers are used in a variety of courses at North Dakota State University, and between 2,000 to 3,000 students are expected to adopt new ResponseCard NXT clickers in fall 2012.

The institution’s evaluation committee included instructors of multiple disciplines and members of Information Technology Services. Turning Technologies’ overall solution was identified to best address the full range of uses among faculty members. Key deciding factors included accountability, qualitative support and a minimal learning curve.

“We wanted to offer our faculty a simple and reliable response solution that allowed for numeric input. The ResponseCard NXT’s easy numeric functionality and text entry met the needs of the various departments and faculty using student response at NDSU,” said Luke Prather, Instructional Services Consultant in NDSU’s Information Technology Division. “In addition, we wanted to partner and grow with a continuously evolving company. It was important that the chosen company offered a web-based mobile solution as well as ResponseCard clickers.”

Turning Technologies’ ResponseCard NXT provides cell phone style text entry for short answer and essay questions. Combined with TurningPoint® polling software, instructors can poll within PowerPoint®, over any application, and administer self-paced testing for individual summative assessment.
“We are excited to enter into a relationship with North Dakota State University. Since day one it has been our goal to improve and redefine the student approach to learning. The value of immediate assessment available with Turning Technologies’ products is yet another step to improve student learning gains and positively impact student retention,” said Dr. Tina Rooks, Turning Technologies’ Vice President & Chief Instructional Officer.
Turning Technologies readily elicits customer feedback, and takes it into consideration during the development process, creating assessment delivery and data collection solutions specifically designed with users in mind. The company remains the industry leader in higher education with more than 2,300 U.S. colleges and universities using Turning Technologies’ clicker solutions. Additional growth is expected in 2012, predominately during the fall semester with ongoing pilots and standardizations.

About North Dakota State University:
North Dakota State University is a student-focused, land-grant, research university — an economic engine that educates students, conducts primary research, creates new knowledge and advances technology. The university provides affordable access to an excellent education at a top-ranked research institution that combines teaching and research in a rich learning environment, educating future leaders who will create solutions to national and global challenges that will shape a better world.

About Turning Technologies:
Turning Technologies creates leading assessment delivery and data collection solutions for learning environments. Founded in 2002, the company began with the development of response technology that was affordable, user-friendly and better documented so that users could easily grasp its benefits. Today, more than four million ResponseCard clickers have been delivered to K-12 schools, universities and businesses worldwide. Turning has expanded its portfolio of products to include data collection systems that securely transfer digital data for various assessment, testing and certification programs. Based in Youngstown, OH, information on Turning Technologies’ solutions can be found at www.TurningTechnologies.com.

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