The Casper Suite simplifies the life of system administrators with a comprehensive platform to manage Mac OS X computers and iOS devices such as the iPad. The Casper Suite is a powerful framework around which your IT ecosystem can be unified and extended to manage both Mac OS X and iOS devices from a single console.

At JAMF Software, we believe in the benefits that Macs and iOS devices can bring to education. We also think that educators and students using Macs and iOS devices deserve the first class technical support made possible by the Casper Suite. That’s why we do everything we can to provide a solution designed for the Apple platform and scaled for large school systems, at a price that is affordable.

We offer significant purchasing discounts to education organizations. The Casper Suite is licensed per managed Mac or iOS device, with a 100% discount off the license cost for both higher education and K-12 education. Education organizations pay only the per-seat Annual Maintenance costs, with discounts available for volume purchases. Additionally, every new sale of the Casper Suite is accompanied by a JumpStart, a two day on-site visit with a JAMF Software Professional Services Engineer, designed to install the software and provide guidance and training to help your IT staff integrate the suite into your environment.

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