Joe Biden to teachers: Mitt Romney thinks you’re selfish

Vice President Joe Biden thinks that teachers face a “fullblown assault” thanks to people like Mitt Romney, the Huffington Post reports.

“I can’t think of a candidate for president who’s ever made such a direct assault on such an honorable profession,” Biden said at the National Education Association’s annual convention, in front of thousands of teachers in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning.

Romney and Republicans, Biden asserted, want to increase the influence of private schools “and strip you of your voice because he doesn’t think you know much about education, and he characterizes you as not caring about the students but caring about yourselves.”

Biden made these points in a speech he called an “honest-to-God” conversation about the differences between Romney and President Barack Obama on education, but some teachers say those differences are less pronounced than Biden’s rhetoric would make it seem…

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