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• Ordering Project Lead The Way (PLTW) equipment and supplies is now much easier with Pitsco’s online order forms for Gateway to Technology and Pathways to Engineering courses.
• Pitsco, a suggested PLTW supplier, provides nearly 80% of necessary PLTW products along with guaranteed fast shipping, quality products, and excellent customer service.

News Release: June 29, 2012 – Instructors looking for Project Lead The Way (PLTW) equipment and consumables now have a single source from which to order most products, thanks to Pitsco’s Education Program Designer and former PLTW teacher Tammy Pankey. Pankey has matched nearly 80% of PLTW items with Pitsco’s offerings, saving teachers time and needless hassle. Now, rather than scouring 50-70 different vendors for products, educators can find the majority of what they need on Pitsco’s Web site. The site’s order forms contain PLTW items for all seven of the Gateway to Technology middle school units and all seven of the Pathways to Engineering high school courses. Additionally, Pitsco provides recommended, optional, and consumable materials as well.

Quote: “As a PLTW teacher, I found Pitsco had everything I needed for my courses,” said Tammy Pankey, education program designer at Pitsco, “and I didn’t have to wait six to eight weeks to get my purchase. When I joined Pitsco, it became my mission to make it easier for PLTW teachers to order their materials and receive them faster.”

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• To see what Pitsco has to offer, or to place an order, go to and click the PLTW button on the right.
• For more information about Pitsco-PLTW products, contact Tammy Pankey at

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