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Children’s classics Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare,” Mercer Mayer’s “Little Monster at School,” and Marc Brown’s “Arthur’s Teacher Trouble” come to life and inspire students to read

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 26, 2012 – Classic children’s books first came to life with the award-winning Living Books series. Today, Wanderful is bringing a new collection of the engaging and multilingual interactive books originally published by Living Books to schools nationwide on a variety of hardware platforms that meet the needs of schools today. This new collection of interactive storybook apps delivers the most imaginative, engaging and fully interactive experiences for young and emerging readers through high-quality, animated content loved by children, parents and teachers alike.

The company will initially launch three titles on the App Store and on the Mac App Store: “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “Little Monster at School” and “Arthur’s Teacher Trouble.” More than a dozen additional titles based on Jan & Stan Berenstain’s Berenstain Bears, Marc Brown’s Arthur and other noted authors will be released in the coming months. Each Wanderful app will be available for $4.99 including both English and Spanish. French can be added for $1.99; upgrading to the premium version adds French, a 40-70 page classroom activities guide and the right to perpetual feature updates for an additional $2.99. On the Mac App Store, all titles will be the premium versions priced at $9.99.

Introduced in 1992 by Broderbund Software, Living Books were the industry’s first highly interactive storybooks and were embraced by educators, treasured by parents and cherished by children. Twenty years later, Wanderful has assembled key members of the original Living Books team, including creator Mark Schlichting, to re-invent the amazing interactive storybooks for a new generation of digital kids, updated and enhanced for the latest mobile tablets and phones, as well as current Mac and Windows computers.

“The beloved, best-selling and wonderful Living Books are back and better than ever with all the high-quality, animated content students, parents and teachers love and with the multiple languages that made them worldwide hits,” said Mickey W. Mantle, President, Wanderful. “Each Wanderful interactive storybook is a truly ‘wanderful’ experience – full of surprises, whimsy and humor – and an invitation to explore because everything inside every storybook is alive.”

Highly intuitive, even for emerging readers, the Wanderful apps allow children to explore each story and all its content with little to no guidance. Each title is filled with hundreds of interactive hot spots and antics, providing a deeper story experience and more interactivity on one page than many other story apps have in their entire books.

Wanderful has created a dynamic language function that allows readers to switch languages on-the-fly from anywhere in the story – a stunningly simple and powerful feature unlike anything found in other interactive storybooks or eBooks. With multiple languages per title (each accessible from within the book), Wanderful’s interactive storybooks can engage young readers with multiple language experiences during formative years.

The Wanderful apps feature original music composed specifically for each title. While fully interactive at the page level, each app also includes the classic “read to me” mode that lets young readers watch and listen to the story play automatically.

“Wanderful interactive storybooks are designed especially for emerging and early readers who thrive on the magic of great stories and the joy of learning that comes from exploration and discovery,” said Schlichting, reprising his creative direction role with Wanderful. “Living Books were the first truly interactive storybooks, defined the category, won numerous awards, and were consistent hits with children, parents and educators. The content is really engaging and just plain fun; we’re excited to reintroduce these titles to the current generation of young readers through a myriad of devices.”

Wanderful apps will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store, and the Mac versions will be on the Mac App Store, later this month. Android and Windows versions will debut later this year.

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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Wanderful delivers imaginative, engaging and fully interactive experiences for young and emerging readers, inspiring them to explore the magical worlds of story and language. Founded by Mickey W. Mantle, the former Broderbund CTO who oversaw the technology development for the original Living Books, and with creative direction from Mark Schlichting, noted pioneer of the children’s multimedia and interactive design industry who serves as Wanderful’s Chief Creative Officer, Wanderful’s goal is to bring outstanding interactive storybooks to a new generation of kids on the latest multi-touch tablets and mobile devices. For more information, visit

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