3. Publications from the field

“If I could recommend one teacher resource, it would be the American Educator—A Quarterly Journal of Educational Research and Ideas, published by the [American Federation of Teachers]. It offers very timely, thought-provoking, research-based articles in each issue, and it costs only $10/year for non-members. If I could choose one more to recommend, especially for Language Arts teachers, it would be the National Writing Project (NWP), since it offers so much in the way of reasonably priced/free superb professional development opportunities in many cities/towns, nationwide.” —Carol Martyniuk, middle school Language Arts teacher, Sussex-Wantage Regional School District, New Jersey

4. A daily communication system for connecting schools and parents

“Every school, every classroom in America must have a comprehensive daily communication system made available to parents. In that electronic system, both academic and social skills are evaluated and reported into the home. Schools can no longer … be the primary change-agent of students. Poor student academic performances and disruptive social behaviors are rapidly undermining the educational process. School and home must be united as never before understood. The entire concept can be achieved for pennies per day per student.” —Dave Dickerson

5. The natural world

The outdoors would be the resource I would choose if I were limited to one great resource.” —Bev DeVore-Wedding, Meeker High School, Meeker, Colorado

6. Inner resources

“Yourself: Your attitude, your instinct, your creativity, your dedication, and your common sense. All this other stuff flying around is just marketing and has a short lifespan. Why? It is not your mission to prepare your students for the life you are leading as an adult. It is your mission to prepare your students for the lives they will be leading as adults. No easy task. And no educational theory, gizmo, or site is going to help you.” —Tom Layton