Fifty of the best ed-tech products for schools

FluidMath (Fluidity Software)

FluidMath is a teaching and learning tool designed for users of pen-centric platforms such as tablet PCs and interactive whiteboards. It features accurate recognition of handwritten math symbols, allowing teachers and students to share concepts and explore ideas electronically.

“FluidMath is the best software for teaching and learning mathematics I have used in my 25-year career,” said Nils Ahbel, a math teacher at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. “FluidMath recognizes standard math notation written in handwriting and brings the math alive. … With FluidMath, the tablet PC is not used as a substitute for manipulation skills, but rather as a tool for investigation. This change in perspective is incredibly important—it helps students be mathematicians and not just learn mathematics.”

Gaggle Apps (Gaggle Inc.)

Gaggle Apps are online tools for students to communicate and collaborate in a safe, filtered, and controlled environment. Tools include eMail, digital lockers, discussion boards, chat rooms, blogs, assignment drop boxes, and more.

“Our third, fourth, and fifth graders have safe monitored eMail, social walls, blogs, IM, homework drop boxes, digital lockers, and more with this online resource,” said Camella Herrin, technology facilitator for Cabarrus County Schools in North Carolina. “The opportunity to teach students the ethical and correct usage of such online resources has been phenomenal. We began with eMail and have now begun to branch out to social walls for our fifth graders and blogging between teachers and their students. The levels of control are managed by the designated school administrator for Gaggle, and this allows different apps within Gaggle to be rolled out as teachers and students are ready for them—not before! There is even an app called GaggleTube, which is filtered YouTube. Teachers approve educational and timely videos, and students may access them within GaggleTube in a safe manner.”

Gooru (Ednovo)

Gooru is a free search engine for learning. Teachers and students can use Gooru to search for rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, games, and quizzes created by educators in the Gooru community. Collections are aligned with standards and currently cover every math and science topic from grades 5-12, with other subjects coming soon.

Gooru “has been instrumental in our efforts to flip our entire school,” said Greg Green, principal of Clintondale High School in Michigan. “Gooru provides 30,000 free resources that enable our teachers to flip our classrooms and to meet our students’ personal learning needs. … We have received so much attention; however, we could not do it without Gooru assisting us. They provide us an invaluable, web-based LMS solution that is unmatched, with plentiful resources and collaboration capabilities.”


Infosnap is a provider of online admission and registration solutions for K-12 schools. It offers secure, customized online forms based on a school or district’s existing enrollment processes. Data submitted through these forms are delivered from the infosnap software to the school’s student information system, and administrative tools enable school leaders to polish the data and run customized reports.

“The Carlisle Area School District uses infosnap for pre-registration and registration of new students, as well as annual student and staff updates,” said Stephanie Douglas, director of technology for this Pennsylvania district. “Infosnap has saved our district tens of thousands of dollars in copier, printer, paper, toner and other expenses to create packets of forms. As important, it has increased the efficiencies to gather emergency, medical, demographic, and other information from students. Instead of waiting for students to return completed forms over the first few weeks of school, we hade 72 percent of [the necessary] student information before the opening day of school. With the integration to our student information system, this information was available for teachers, staff, and administrators immediately—removing the need for support staff to read all forms of handwriting [and] enter [the data] into our SIS. … Implementing this system was one of the biggest and most positive changes for our district in recent memory.”

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