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Measurement Incorporated Announces NC Write; An Online Writing Practice Tool for North Carolina Teachers
Student essays are produced and scored online using award-winning automated scoring technologies*, saving valuable time for teachers and supporting student/teacher collaboration through electronic formative feedback tools.

DURHAM, NC. (June 11, 2012)— Measurement Incorporated, a leading provider of student assessment solutions for over 30 years, today announced the release of NC Write, a web-based solution developed for classroom teachers to strengthen student writing skills by utilizing advanced online technologies.

NC Write is currently being piloted in over 40 districts in North Carolina. The tool is receiving rave reviews from principals, teachers, and students who are enjoying unlimited access to customized writing prompts, electronic graphic organizers, automated scoring, instant feedback, portfolios, and interactive student tutorials.

“There was an excitement in the air. Kids were moaning about going to lunch…they were not done with their graphic organizers yet! NC Write has gotten them excited about writing!” says Janet Redinger, Principal of Topsail Elementary School in Pender County, NC.

Because NC Write is online, teachers are not inundated with tall stacks of papers to grade each day. Instead, student essays are produced online and scored by MI’s award-winning PEG scoring software. Teachers can review student work online, with 24/7 access to student writing portfolios, and collaborate with students on how to improve their writing using the electronic “sticky notes” and instant messaging features. If additional support is needed on one of the six writing traits, students can access hundreds of online writing tutorials that are fun, engaging, and interactive.

“NC Write can help teachers with their transition to the new Common Core Standards for Writing, which requires students to write differently than in the past. Students are now being asked to produce writing electronically with multiple methods of collaboration with their peers and teachers,” said Trish Martin, NC Write’s Senior Technical Project Manager at Measurement Incorporated. “The key to a successful online tool, like NC Write, is that it should enhance the classroom teacher’s existing instructional practices and make their everyday practice easier. No product can take the place of the teacher. We believe that NC Write is a partner with the teacher and allows for a more efficient method of communication to give feedback about their student’s writing skills.”

To learn more, visit us at or contact Trish Martin at or 1.855-987-9871.

*See press release “MI’s PEG™ Software Leads the Industry in Automated Essay Scoring Competition”:

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