The Pics4Learning image library is now integrated into the SNAP search product for education from Tek Data. Pics4Learning is an education-friendly source for over 30,000 copyright-friendly photos teachers and students can use in classroom projects. Students and teachers view over a million images from Pics4Learning every month.

The initial request for Pics4Learning images to be included came from the Los Angeles County Office of Education Multimedia Services ( Multimedia Services uses Tek Data’s SNAP to provide members with “affordable, high-quality multimedia resource to assist student learning.”

“SNAP is a filtered media search engine students and teachers can use to find multimedia content such as videos, maps, journals, and audio files,” shares Tek Data’s Randy Kick. “We worked with the Tech4Learning development team to add Pics4Learning to the list of materials databases site administrators can include in a SNAP search.”

“Over 100,000 students and teachers already use each month. Working with Tek Data to include Pics4Learning images in the SNAP search engine is consistent with our vision for making Pics4learning available to as many students and teachers as possible,” shares Dallas Jones, Chief Technology Officer for Tech4Learning.

About Tech4Learning
Tech4Learning develops award-winning educational software that supports effective use of educational technology and helps build 21st century skills. Tech4Learning has hosted and maintained the Pics4Learning collection since 1999.

Additional information about Pics4Learning is available by contacting Melinda Kolk at 1-877-834-5453.

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