New ed-tech service aims to boost parent engagement

He and Promethean spokeswoman Jodie Pozo-Olano suggested that individual districts might need to look into alternative plans, such as encouraging parents without mobile devices or computers at home to access the portal through school computer labs or public libraries.

Schools with an established interactive video delivery infrastructure could use this system for any “media-rich, image-rich, video-rich” material, and not just Channel One News segments, Haehl said.

As long as lesson plans and professional development are in place, it would be possible to push out, say, a History Channel video segment to teachers, students, and parents the same way, Marshall said.

“Once you have the tech fabric in the classroom, it’s relatively straightforward to do the push to parents,” he said.

Marshall said the new Parent Connection service represents a “dynamic, changing” way for parents to keep up with their children’s education.

“To me, that’s what’s so cool—a week from now, you have no idea what’s coming,” he said.


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