After the overwhelming success of the first Kineo, Brainchild unveils its newest version of the Kineo Tablet.

Naples, Florida, August 1st – Brainchild announced this week the release of its next generation Kineo Tablet, with large 8” 1024p x 768p screen, lightning fast 1.3 ghz processor, and 802.11 b/g/n wifi for fast web performance. The Kineo Control Center will allow schools to manage content and settings on all devices remotely.

Hundreds of schools and districts have deployed Brainchild’s tablets and web-based software to provide data-driven instruction on mobile learning devices that connect to cloud-based reporting. Kineo also offers security features that gives schools the option of controlling applications and website access. Kineos come loaded with Brainchild’s Achiever! or Common Core Standards software that provides assessment and instruction.

“Schools and districts come to Brainchild when they need not just technology, but also the assurance that it is used deliberately, with appropriate ways to measure success. Responsive, high quality customer support is a vital component of any technology deployment,” said Brainchild’s president, Jeff Cameron.

Brainchild is a leading provider of mobile learning devices to schools. It has provided mobile learning devices, content, and teacher training for over 15 years. Its web-based assessment and instruction programs sync with Kineos to provide reports and maximum access to instruction. Brainchild continues to assist schools with high quality professional development and implementation strategies to incorporate mobile learning solutions into their schools.

About Brainchild:
Brainchild, Corp. is a Florida-based company for standards-based online assessment, instruction and reporting tools helping students reach and exceed learning objectives. In addition to its Achiever! series built individually for each state, Brainchild also manufactures Kineo® and the Study Buddy, mobile learning devices built specifically for classroom use. For more information: visit Follow Brainchild on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

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