Bucks County puts high priority on data driven decisions

July 31, 2012 Eagan, MN- GuideK12™, sole provider of geovisual analytics for the education market, is thrilled to announce that the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 (BCIU) will become a GuideK12 Authorized Service Provider in the state of Pennsylvania. Recognizing the importance of making informed, data- driven decisions, BCIU found in GuideK12 the solution for visualizing district data to better analyze and solve their unique, educational challenges including enrollment analysis, optimizing demographic and capacity balance, and developing trend data for longitudinal analysis. As a GuideK12 Authorized Service Provider, BCIU see this as an opportunity to further support their districts, both large and small.

One of twenty-nine regional educational service agencies in the state of PA, the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22 works with the State Department of Education and local school districts to provide products and services in a highly cost effective manner. Through this agreement, BCIU will offer GuideK12 to school districts and intermediate units across PA at even more affordable rates through a statewide cooperative purchasing model, while providing training and enhanced services to their educators. Created to directly support and advise the school districts of Pennsylvania, it is the mission of BCIU to search out valuable products and services for their educators, which was the driving force behind this agreement with GuideK12.

BCIU Executive Director Dr. Barry Galasso comments “With budget concerns around every corner, we are excited to offer Pennsylvania’s schools with the opportunity to apply the power of GuideK12 to make data-driven decisions regarding their students and communities.” Galasso continues, “The decision to offer GuideK12 to our districts was based on our commitment to provide schools with the best technologies and services through a shared resource model. By offering a statewide cooperative purchasing model, we are able to offer cutting edge technology to all Pennsylvania districts of all sizes.”

GuideK12 is a web-based geovisual analytic software that pulls together data from many sources and visualizes the information to allow analysis on a range of needs such as language, economic, academic, building capacity, or special services. Being able to quickly filter the data and visualize on a map allows administrators to see patterns and trends that may not be apparent in a spreadsheet alone to make faster and better decisions for understanding student and family needs.

GuideK12 CEO Chuck Amos adds, “We are excited at the opportunity of supporting the efforts of BCIU, and through them, the educators of Pennsylvania. It is ever more important in today’s budget climate to make informed decisions and GuideK12 welcomes the chance to provide Pennsylvania administrators the tools to do so.”

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GuideK12 LLC, is a geovisual analytics software company that enables education decision makers to instantly explore and analyze school district data by adding a geographic and visual dimension to their student and community information. By visualizing information spatially, decisions on everything from boundary analysis, and policy changes to resource planning and forecasting can be more effective and efficient. Named one of SIIA’s 2012 10 most innovative education technology products, GuideK12 serves large metro, suburban and rural school districts throughout the United Sates. It is owned by private investors and a private investment group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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