Insight Education Group Launches the Insight Core Framework

Insight Education Group takes another significant step in its work supporting standards-based learning with the launch of The Insight Core Framework. Addressing a significant need in the field to bring together work on teacher effectiveness and the Common Core State Standards, this new framework is built upon five core instructional practices that aim to effectively addresses the demands of the new standards.

The Insight Core Framework:
• Uses the language and logic of the Common Core
• Focuses on classroom instruction that promotes mastery of the Common Core
• Helps observers focus on the instructional practices that will improve student outcomes and teacher practice with the Standards
• Was created from the ground-up by teachers and school leaders with deep knowledge of the Common Core and instruction

The Common Core Standards have the potential to significantly increase students’ performance, but not without effective teachers. According to the recent Primary Source survey funded by the Gates Foundation, 64% of teachers believe that common standards across all states will have a strong impact on improving student achievement while only 22% of teachers felt that they were adequately prepared to teach the Common Core State Standards.

The federal Race to the Top competition accelerated State’s efforts to improve teacher quality through the creation of policies and state-of-the-art evaluation systems that recognize and reward effective teaching. The goal is to ensure there’s an effective teacher in every classroom. The Insight Core Framework was developed out of the extensive work that Insight has done with large urban school districts around the country to achieve this goal.

“As schools and districts are faced with implementing two high stakes and vitally important initiatives simultaneously – Teacher Effectiveness/Evaluation and the Common Core – we knew it was important to bring both of these bodies of work together. To that end, we have built a framework that supported both initiatives while focusing on what matters most – good teaching,” said Michael Moody, founder and CEO of Insight Education Group.

The Insight Core Framework is available for download at

Insight Education Group is a small but mighty company of teachers and administrators focused on the teacher’s perspective in professional learning and student achievement. Since 2002, Insight has partnered with districts and schools across the country to develop and implement instructional initiatives aimed at increasing teacher effectiveness. To learn more go to


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